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Engineering Services

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The Engineering Services Department consists of Half-Cent Sales Tax Fund administration and Capital project management. Engineering Services staff provide personnel administration and development, records management, and project planning and management.

Our Mission

The City of Tyler Engineering Department provides cost effective, timely engineering and project management of capital and other City projects.

Comprehensive Storm Water Master Plan (CSWMP)


The purpose and goal of the CSWMP is to develop an updated GIS inventory of closed drainage systems (excluding streams and open channels), condition and capacity analysis of systems not previously studied, and a program approach to mitigating storm water hazards for the entire City. The project and study is expected to be completed in three years and would serve as an extension of the 2008 Master Drainage Study, which focused on floodplain mapping of open channels and the improvement of undersized roadway culverts.

The CSWMP will include a comprehensive inventory of existing data, accurate simulation, flooding problem area identification, and flood mitigation solutions. Once relevant data has been gathered and analyzed, a drainage Capital Improvement Project (CIP) plan, including costs and potential funding mechanisms, will be developed to address flooding issues.

An important component of the data-gathering process will be soliciting feedback from members of the community which may have been directly affected by flooding events or who may live near flood prone areas. A link to a questionnaire appears on the website and feedback from the public is welcomed and necessary for the success and effectiveness of this master plan. There will also be opportunities throughout the three-year process for the public involvement and input.


  • Public Outreach and Input (Spring 2018)
  • Data Collection and Compilation (Summer/Fall 2018)
  • "Roadmap" Presentation and Opportunity for Public Feedback (Fall/Winter 2018)
  • CSWMP Study and Analysis Phase Using "Roadmap" Findings (2019)
  • Completion of CSWMP/Final Public Input Opportunity (2020)

"Roadmap" refers to the data collection, preliminary analysis and findings, and defined process that leads to the final CSWMP tool.