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Financial Reports

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Several key financial documents are available through this web page as part of a continuing effort to provide the best possible response to the needs of the citizens of Tyler and its business community.

Annual Budget

The first category of documents is the Annual Budget which is the financial plan that is prepared before the beginning of each fiscal year. The budget preparation process extends over several months and it includes careful deliberation on how to allocate limited resources to meet the priorities identified by the citizens of Tyler.

Quarterly Financial Report

The second category of documents is the quarterly financial report which provides a summarized view of the revenue and expense forecasts for major funds. This financial report compares actual revenues to date with revenues as of the same period last year and expenditures to date with incremental budget appropriations. Budgeted revenue and expenditure amounts for the fiscal year can also be compared to current projected amounts. Additionally a separate investment report provides information on the City's quarterly investments with comparative data. This report is in compliance with the State Public Funds Investment Act.

Check Registers

The third category of documents is the check register which includes a summary payroll register, summary accounts payable register and weekly accounts payable registers. The summary and weekly check registers provide additional transparency for City business transactions and depicts which vendors are being selected through the competitive bid or purchasing process to provide various goods and services in support of the budget plan.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

The fourth category of documents is the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report which contains the financial information on what actually has occurred after the fiscal year is completed along with comments from an external auditor who has conducted various internal control tests and reviewed the financial statements.

Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Plan is developed during the annual budget process. The City reviews all Capital Improvement projects on a monthly basis to ensure that all projects remain on track with the annual plan. the City operates with a five-year plan where projects are added based on an objective scoring criteria established by the City Council. As the fund balances in each of the capital project funds are reviewed and analyzed for excess revenue, that revenue is considered for additional projects. Additional projects are prioritized and then placed on next year's schedule when funding is available.

Other Reports

The fifth category of documents includes the OPEB (Other Post Employment Benefits) Actuarial Study; the Fire Fighter's Pension Actuarial Report; and the Fire Fighter's Pension Plan Audit. These reports provide more detailed information for items found in the notes of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Should you have questions about these financial documents or desire additional information please contact our finance department. Regular mail at P.O. Box 2039, Tyler, Texas 75710 or by telephone at (903) 531-1138.