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Frequently Asked Questions

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Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions, however, our office is available via phone or email. Visit our Contact page for our details. 

  • Can an attorney give me advice?

    No, the attorneys at the City Attorney's office cannot give advice in private matters. As a City Department, its role is to act as counsel and provide its services to City Council, the City Manager, and other City departments. They do not provide advice or representation to public citizens. If you have a question regarding a private legal matter, please contact a private attorney. Legal also cannot recommend an outside attorney. If you need help finding an attorney, please contact the Texas State Bar or the Smith County Bar Association
  • Does the City regulate (insert topic here) or have an ordinance against (subject)?

    You can search our Code of Ordinances regarding specific topics here. If you have questions, City Departments that create and/or enforce that specific ordinance may be able to help answer your question—Legal staff would be able to direct you. For a legal interpretation of an ordinance, please contact a private attorney. 
  • How do I submit a claim to the City?

    Claims against the City must be submitted to Risk Management. Please contact Risk at 903.531.1104 to speak to the Risk Technician.
  • I need help with my Municipal Court ticket!

    Contact the Municipal Court or the Prosecutor's office (903.595.7198) . If you leave a message for the Prosecutor, please include: Defendant's Name, Defendant's Date of Birth, Ticket or Cause Number, Attorney's Name and Telephone Number (if an attorney is retained), and a brief message regarding your concerns. 
  • How do I get rid of City liens on my property?

    There are different types of liens that can be placed on properties. First, identify which City Department issued the lien and contact them regarding payoff amounts. If you purchased your property from a delinquent tax sale, provide documents from the sale to the department to have the liens extinguished. Code Enforcement (903.531.1212) and Neighborhood Services (903.531.1303) are two of the main departments that issue liens and releases. If you have a paving lien, please contact Legal and provide a copy of the paving lien and the property description.
  • How do I get my TABC application signed?

    Please contact the Planning Department for TABC applications and processes as they are responsible for tracking and final approval of applications. 
  • How do I get a copy of archived City Council minutes, deeds, and other documents?

    Please submit a Public Information Request Form and be as detailed possible of what you are searching. Staff will research the archives and provide copies, if available. If you aren't sure what exactly it is you're looking for, contact the City Clerk's office and we will be happy to set up a time to help you find what you're looking for. 
  • I need to submit a complaint!

    The Legal Department is able to assist you in directing you to the Department Leader who can best address your complaint. 
  • Do you offer internships?

    The City Attorney's Office does take 1-2 Law School interns over the summer. We would be happy to receive your resume after you've completed your first year of law school!