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  • Handicap/Disabled Parking

    • What if I received a "Handicapped Parking" citation, but I have a placard?

      Bring or mail a copy of the placard to the Municipal Court and we will dismiss your parking ticket.

    • What if I received a "Handicapped Parking" citation, but I maybe medically eligible for a placard?

      Make an appointment to see the judge and explain the circumstances. You will likely be granted an extension to apply for the placard and once you receive it, your citation will be dismissed.

  • Parking Citations

    • Who is responsible for paying a parking citation?

      The registered owner of a vehicle by law is responsible for all parking violations committed using that vehicle regardless of who was operating the vehicle at the time the citation was issued.

    • How long do I have to pay my parking citation?

      You must pay your parking citation on or before the 15th business day after the parking citation was issued. Citation envelopes postmarked later than 15 business days will incur additional charges.

    • What to do if you believe a citation was issued in error?

      If you received a parking notice letter in error (i.e., you no longer own the car), please write to the Tyler Municipal Court at the address above. Explain why the parking citation(s) in question does not belong to you. If you no longer own the vehicle, please provide enough information for us to contact the new owner. Normally the transfer of sale document will be sufficient.

      You will continue to receive notices if additional citations are received as long as the State shows the title of the vehicle in your name. To correct registration records through the State Dept. of Transportation, call or write this agency at the following address:

      Texas Department of Transportation (website)
      Division of Vehicle Titles and Registration
      40th Street and Jackson Avenue
      Austin, TX 78779-0001
      Phone: (512) 465-7611

    • What happens if I fail to pay?

      Vehicles with outstanding parking tickets are subject to "booting". When a vehicle is "booted," it is held in place by a restraining device. The vehicle may also be towed at the owner's expense. The vehicle does not have to be in illegally parked at the time that it is seized.

      Any vehicle with one or more parking citations outstanding for more than 30 days may be immobilized by the City of Tyler until payment is received. An additional charge of $50.00 will be added at the time the boot is put on your vehicle. Additional charges and/or penalties are assessed if a boot is not removed within 24 hours.

    • How do I get the "parking boot" removed from my car?

      To get a boot removed or towed vehicle released, you must come to the Court and pay all fees due. Please remember that partial payments will not cancel a boot or tow order.