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Jury Duty

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  • Business Excuses

    Missing jury service for a business reason is not a lawful excuse from jury service.

  • Travel Excuses

    These excuses may be granted or denied at the discretion of the court.

    To request a travel/vacation excuse you must provide airline or other method of travel tickets in your name; hotel reservation confirmation information; seminar confirmation information; and/or an itinerary for your travel.

    To make a request to be excused from jury service for this reason, please complete the back page of your jury summons. You should then either mail it back to the court, drop it by the court in person, or fax it to the court at (903) 531-1369 and include the any of the other information showing proof of your travel/vacation plans.

  • Jury Service Payment

    Municipal Courts are the only Court that by law does NOT have to pay jurors.

    The Municipal Court pays $6.00 per day for jury service IF you stay through a voir dire panel. If you claim an exemption, are disqualified, or otherwise excused, you will not be paid

  • Ignoring a Jury Summons

    If you ignore a jury summons from the Municipal Court, you will have to appear in court to answer to a Contempt of Court citation. A Contempt of Court citation carries a fine of up to $100.00.

  • How did I get summoned for jury service in the Tyler Municipal Court?

    Any person holding a valid Texas Driver's License is subject to being called for jury service.

  • Where should I appear?

    Check your jury summons. You should appear at the Tyler Municipal Court, 813 N. Broadway (map it) unless otherwise specifically directed to appear somewhere else on your notice. If you cannot determine where to appear, please call the court at (903) 531-1266.

  • How long will my jury service last?

    Jury service typically lasts only one (1) day.

  • Since I've been summoned, will I definitely serve on a jury?

    No. The process of jury selection involves both the state and defendant asking you questions concerning your qualifications, background and experiences. Each side then gets to strike up to three (3) potential jurors for any reason other than race or gender. Next, the strike lists from each side are placed side by side and the first six (6) potential jurors that neither side has struck make up the jury panel.

  • What kind of cases are tried in the Municipal Court?

    The Municipal Court jurisdiction applies to cases that can only be punished by a "fine only." This means that punishment through jail time is not an option. Consequently, this applies to Class "C" misdemeanor offenses such as public intoxication, and shoplifting. It also applies to traffic offenses (such as speeding, seatbelt and no insurance citations), and enforcement of city ordinances such as noise violations and leash law tickets. All offenses must have occurred within the city limits (including the extra-territorial jurisdiction limits) of the City of Tyler.

  • I just completed jury service within the last six (6) months. Can I be excused?

    Submission of proof of actual service on a jury (not just being called on a panel) will excuse you from jury service if you have completed that service in the past six (6) months.

  • How can I prove my "disqualification", "exemption" or offer any other excuse to the court prior to my jury service date?

    To make a request to be excused from jury service, please complete the back page of your jury summons. You should then either mail it back to the court, drop it by the court in person, or fax it to the court at (903) 531-1369.