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Juvenile Offenders

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Appearance of Juvenile Defendant & Parents
If a defendant is younger than 17 years of age and has not had the disabilities of minority removed, the judge must take the defendant's plea in open court and shall issue a summons to compel the defendant's parent, guardian, or managing conservator to be present during the taking of the defendant's plea all other proceedings relating to the case.

Failure of Juvenile to Pay Fines as Ordered by the Court
A justice or municipal court may not order the confinement of a child for the failure to pay all or any part of a fine or costs imposed for the conviction of an offense punishable by fine only or contempt of another order of a justice or municipal court.

If a child fails to obey an order of a justice or municipal court under circumstances that would constitute contempt of court, the justice or municipal court, after providing notice and an opportunity to be heard, may refer the child to the appropriate juvenile court for delinquent conduct for contempt of the justice or municipal court order; or retain jurisdiction of the case, hold the child in contempt of the justice or municipal court, and order either or both of the following that the contemnor pay a fine not to exceed $500; or that the Department of Public Safety suspend the juvenile's driver's license or permit or, if the juvenile does not have a license or permit, to deny the issuance of a license or permit to the child until the child fully complies with the orders of the court.

Partners for Youth
The Tyler Municipal Court has partnered with various agencies throughout the City of Tyler to provide a comprehensive youth services program to juvenile offenders. The program focuses on rehabilitation to prevent repeat offenses. For more information, please see the "Partners for Youth" tab

Partners for Youth
Failure to Attend School