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Special Projects

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Keep Tyler Beautiful is celebrating 25 years in 2020! 

 Rain Barrel Workshop


Keep Tyler Beautiful is hosting a Rain Barrel Workshop thanks to support from Project Rain Barrel and Southwest Beverages.

Workshop participants will learn how to put together their own rainwater harvesting barrel that they can take home after the workshop. These rainwater harvesting barrels will be made to work with a gutter system.

Tickets for the workshop are all sold out.

 Native Plant Garden


Keep Tyler Beautiful created our Native Plant Garden in 2015 as a way to demonstrate to the community how native plants can be beautiful and beneficial to their landscaping. These species of plants are native to our area so they are more drought-tolerant than other plants commonly used in landscaping. By utilizing these plants and their adaptation to our environment, you can help conserve water and support habitats for native species such as the monarch butterfly. 

 Native Garden Cleaned Up 008


Native Plant Species include:

  • Dakota Gold
  • Black Eyed Susan
  • Trailing Purple Lantana
  • Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum
  • Purple Coneflower
  • Side Oats Grama
  • Zexmenia
  • Bluebonnet
  • Flame Acanthanus
  • Dwarf Texas Sage
  • Texas Redbud
  • Texas Star Hibiscus
  • Butterfly Weed
  • Texas Fall Aster
  • Copper Canyon Daisy
  • Wax Myrtle
  • Yaupon Holly
  • Chile Pequin
  • Mexican Bush Sage
  • Blackfoot Daisy
  • Grancy Graybeard
  • Texas Gulf Muhly
  • Possumhaw
  • Turks Cap
  • America Beautyberry


Cotton Belt Crossing Parklet

Keep Tyler Beautiful worked with the Cotton Belt Depot on the Cotton Belt Crossing parklet. This parklet was funded by $20,000 from Keep America Beautiful/Lowe's Community Partners Grant awarded to the City of Tyler to transform a neglected and overrun lot of land into an area that they whole City can enjoy. Heart of Tyler also donated $8,000 to provide the design, engineering and installation for the Cotton Belt Crossing gate pictured here.

“Our vision was to create a small parklet that not only honored railroad history but also created a green space in Downtown,” said Leanne Robinette, Manager of Tourism Facilities and Community Beautification.

Phase One of the parklet, now complete, included clearing the lot including the items dumped there, mulching the land and placing two flower beds. Railroad ties have been laid on the property to prepare for Phase Two of the project that will include a restored railroad car, grass and more seating. This lot is located behind Innovation Pipeline at 217 E. Oakwood St. 


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Big Belly Trash Compactors

City of Tyler has 5 Big Belly Trash Compactors in the downtown area. These are solar powered trash compactors that have many advantages over a traditional trash can. The Big Bellys have eliminated any issues with smell, animals digging through trash cans, or the weather blowing trash out of the cans. These trash compactors have also significantly reduced the service needed in the area. Our solid waste department used to service the trash cans downtown every few days, now they only need to service the Big Bellys once a month.