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Park Rules

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General Park Rules

  • No trespassing after posted park hours.
  • Pets must be restrained and on a leash at all times. 
  • No vehicles allowed in the City parks after posted hours of operation.
  • Alcoholic beverages, smoking, and/or other controlled substances are prohibited.
  •  No littering or glass containers allowed.
  • Firearms, hunting/trapping implements, and other weaponry are prohibited within public parks and recreation areas, except as allowed by state law. 
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited except in designated parking areas or by permit. No parking on grass, medians, fields and/or green spaces.
  • The amplification of music, speeches, or any other sound audible beyond 50 feet is prohibited except under written permission from the Director of Parks.
  •  No camping, fireworks, or open fires permitted. 
  • No golfing in any public park or recreational area not specifically designated for that purpose. 
  • All radio controlled model aircraft including, but not limited to, drones expressly prohibited in all City of Tyler parks and recreation areas, except for Northside R.C. Park.
  • The collection, destruction, and/or removal of plants, animals, minerals, or historical/cultural items are strictly forbidden. 
  • Use of metal detectors is prohibited without first obtaining a permit.
  • Commercial sales of goods without a permit are prohibited.
  • Posting of signs, notices, or handbills are prohibited except under written permission from the Director of Parks.

To view the City of Tyler Parks and Recreation Ordinances, please visit the City Code of Ordinances.

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