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Business Crime Prevention Program

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Anything that interferes with your business steals from your bottom line profit. These programs are not to show you how to run your business. They are designed to help your company and your employees avert crime and safety issues that might present themselves in daily activities. These issues if left unapprised can divert a business from its primary function of meeting its bottom line.

Violence In The Work Place and Personal Safety; Each is a 1-hour program, and when combined, both can be covered in 1 1/2 hour. Theft Prevention; Shoplifting prevention, Shrinkage reduction Safe Money Handling: Cash Register Procedures, Quick Change Schemes, Till Tapping, End of Day Cash Receipts Procedures Forgery Loss Prevention; Check Cashing Procedures, Credit Card Fraud, Counterfeit Bill Detection Security Survey of the Physical Plant of the Business ( Both Modified and Complete) Contact the Community Response Team, 903-531-1096, for information or to set up an appointment.

Attempted Criminal Trespass Program

No Trespassing SignTyler Police and the City of Tyler have formed a plan to help businesses with the problems of after-hours gatherings on the businesses' parking lots. The unauthorized assemblies on private properties create noise for neighbors and trash for the businesses. The business owners contacted the Tyler Police Community Response Officers for a solution. Taking a cue from Mesquite, Officer Royce Jordan created an 'Attempted Criminal Trespass' program, based on Texas law, that allows officers to cite any individual who occupies a property, after business hours, without a legitimate purpose. Under this program, the police are able to cite trespassers on any property on which the business has properly posted a no trespassing sign (see photo below). Any business that is interested in this program can contact the Tyler Community Response Office at 903-531-1096.