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Parade and Temporary Street Closure Requests

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The application for the following permits is located below:

  • Temporary Street and Lane Closure
  • Parade
  • Block Party
  • Right-of-Way (ROW)
  • Temporary use
  • Transient Vendor
  • Tent or Canopy
  • Special Event

City of Tyler Temporary Street / Lane Closure Definitions

Who needs a permit?

Any person/organization sponsoring a parade or athletic event, carnival, rally, fair, arts and crafts
show, block party, concert, procession, etc., on City streets, sidewalks, or alleys. NOTE: All applicable permit forms, deposits, fees, and property owner notifications must be completed and turned in BEFORE the permit will be processed.

Permit Definitions:

  1. A parade permit is for a procession that would need traffic control and involves the temporary closure of City streets, sidewalks, or alleys for the duration. Commercial parade means a parade sponsored other than by a nonprofit organization, the purpose of which is to advertise a product, whether tangible or intangible, to advertise or promote an exhibition or theatrical performance, or otherwise operate to the financial benefit of the sponsor. (Sec. 17-2) Applications shall be filed using the form below.
  2. A street closure permit is required for carnivals, rallies, festivals, fairs, concerts, etc. A portion of a City block or street would be closed temporarily for the duration of the event. (Sec. 17-2) Applications shall be filed using the form below.
  3. A block party permit is required for neighborhood events only, that would involve closing a residential street or City block temporarily for the duration of the event. (Sec. 17-2) Applications shall be filed using the form below.
  4. A Right-of-Way (ROW) Easement permit is required for easements for right-of-way use that are permanent in nature, and for right-of-way use easements that are temporary or for a limited time and shall be filed with the City Engineer. Such applications must include a drawing of the location, description of the type of use, length of time needed, and payment of the application fee. If the construction area affects any street or lane of traffic, a street closure permit will need to be filed in conjunction to a Right-of-Way Easement Permit with the Traffic Engineer.(Sec. 17-1e) Applications shall be filed with the Engineering Department.
  5. A temporary use permit is required for temporary uses that are not allowed by-right in a specific zoning district but are listed as a temporary use in the UDC provided that the temporary use complies with regulations of this code including parking and sanitation requirements and does not constitute a nuisance for adjacent properties. (Sec. 17-1e) Applications shall be filed with the Planning Department.
  6. A transient vendor permit is required for a person, or the agent, consignee, or employee of a person, who at a fixed location engages in the temporary display, exhibition, delivery, or sale of any goods or services, including animals, with the intent of discontinuing such use upon the expiration of a time period. (Sec. 10-454) Applications shall be filed with the Planning Department.
  7. A tent or canopy permit is required by the Fire Department for tents in excess of 200 square feet and canopies in excess of 400 square feet. (Sec. 10-453) Applications shall be filed with the Fire Department.
  8. A special event permit is required by the Parks Department for use of park facilities and recreational areas. (Sec. 8-42) Applications shall be filed with the Parks Department.

PLEASE NOTE: All applicable permit forms, deposit fees and property owner notifications must be
completed BEFORE a final permit will be processed and/or issued.

Downtown Business, Arts and Culture District (DBAC) Street Closure Requirements

The City of Tyler Downtown Business, Arts and Culture District is defined as the area bound by Gentry Parkway on the north, Front Street on the south, Beckham Avenue on the east and Palace Avenue on the west. 

The DBAC is a densely populated district consisting of numerous businesses, institutions and residences. As the livelihood of commercial businesses depends upon advance timing, access to their site for customers and general conduct of business, certain rules apply to this area as follows:

Review Requirement

All Applications for the DBAC area, must receive pre-approval from the Main Street Director prior to submitting to the Tyler Police Department. To schedule an appointment contact us at (903) 593-6905 or online.

Notification Requirements in the DBAC

Application for all closure requests in the DBAC must be made 60 business days ahead of the event.All affected property and business owners must be notified, in writing, between 60 and 45 business days prior to the event, and proof of that notification must be turned in no later than 45 business days prior to the event. Affected property and business owners are those whose access to and use of the building would likely be impacted by the closure.

Allowed Scope of Closure

Any type of closure must be carefully considered, keeping in mind public safety, access of emergency vehicles to people and property, the conduct of business in this district and minimizing potential to property in the DBAC. As such, the size of the event closure will depend upon expected crowd size and number of years the event has been in operation. The guidelines are:

  • First year events: no street or parking closures. (Unless proof of attendance is provided)
  • Up to 300 in attendance: no street or parking closures.
  • 300-500 in attendance: may apply for closure of parking spaces that immediately surround the T.B. Butler Plaza or selected event area.
  • 500-1,000 in attendance: may apply for closure of streets immediately surrounding the event site (for example, an event on the T.B. Butler Plaza could apply for closure of parking spaces surrounding the square, plus Ferguson, College and Erwin. ALL sidewalks must remain open AT ALL TIMES. Closure may only extend to the curb.
  • More than 1,000 in attendance: As negotiated with the Tyler Main Street and Police Department.
  • The events history and its organizers will be taken into consideration when defining the closure area.

Application Fee

The application fee for a DBAC area closure of any type is $250 per day requested or $100 per day if applicant is a Downtown business.


In addition, a damage/cleaning deposit of $1,000 will also be due upon application. This amount shall be
refunded after the event if the closure area, surrounding area, and Fair Plaza Parking Garage is clean, in good order and all complaints/concerns of property owners and businesses within the closure area have been resolved in a satisfactory manner.

The Main Street Director has the right to limit the amount of closures per month due to the impact on Downtown businesses. Typical approval will consists of approximately two to three permits per month and are based on street closure needs. Priority will be given to reoccurring events with those applicants who are in good standing with the City. 

Use of the T.B. Butler Plaza (the Square) is solely under control of Smith County, owner of that property.
Please contact Smith County at (903) 590-4600 or visit their website.

You are encouraged to visit for helpful information and links regarding holding events in the DBAC.

Additional Information, Fee Schedule and Contact Information

Additional Instructions

Route/Location of Event

A map of the area to be utilized for the parade/special event MUST accompany the application. The permit will not be accepted until a map with the indicated points of closure has been received and approved. Maps must be in electronic format and can be created from Google or Bing maps, or equivalent approved by the City. Hand drawn maps will not be accepted.

Notice to property owners/tenants

The owners/tenants of ALL property along the area that will be affected by the parade/special event shall receive a written notice from the applicant stating the time, date, and EXACT ROUTE/LOCATION of the event, as well as the event activities; e.g., parade, barbecue, music, etc. An approved format for notice is available and can be reproduced OR applicants can provide notice by a form notification letter that would include the name, date and time of the event to be handed out or placed at residences/businesses.

Special Note Regarding Downtown Events

Certain rules apply to requirements for notification regarding Downtown Business, Arts and Culture District closures. Please see the DTAC closures page within this document for further information.

Traffic and Crowd Control Fees

If police, traffic, or streets personnel will be assigned to handle traffic control and/or crowd control at your special event, please contact the special events permit coordinator at (903)531-1090

Permit Fee Schedule and Application Deadlines

Please see Permit Definitions for Tyler City Code Section References as seen above.

Type of Permit Fee Application Deadline
General Parades and Street Closure $100 per application 30 days prior
Downtown Business, Arts and Culture District (DBAC) Closures $250 per day requested 60 days prior
Block Party No Charge 30 days prior
Commercial Parade $500 30 days prior
Non-Commercial Parade $50 30 days prior
Temporary or Limited Right-of-Way (ROW) $100 + $100 per year needed ($200 minimum) 30 days prior
Easement Indefinite Public ROW Easement $350 30 days prior
Temporary Use Permit $35 30 days prior
Transient Vendor Permit $150 30 days prior
Tent or Canopy Permit No Charge 30 days prior
Special Event Permit $35 30 days prior

Applications for DBAC-area street closures are subject to a $1,000 deposit that may be returned upon City of Tyler’s approval of cleanup of closure area and areas immediately surrounding closure area.

Applications for DBAC-area street closures turned in after the 60-day deadline WILL NOT be accepted. Applications for closures outside of the DBAC that are turned in after the 30 calendar day required notice will be subject to a doubled application fee. Additional fees may be required for police services and/or other special requests. Fee adjustment requests must be submitted for review by the City Manager or his designee.

Type Organization/Department Phone
Police Officers City of Tyler Police Department (903)531-1090
Parks or Facilities City of Tyler Parks Department (903)531-1370
Food Permits North East TX Public Health District (903)535-0030
State Highway Closure Texas Department of Transportation (903)590-2900
T.B. Butler Square Contact Smith County (903)590-4600
Tent or Canopy Permit City of Tyler Fire Department (903)535-0005
Temporary Use Permit City of Tyler Planning Department (903)531-1175
Transient Vendor Permit City of Tyler Planning Department (903)531-1175
Right-of-Way Easement City of Tyler Engineering Department (903)531-1126

Temporary Street Use Permit Form for Street / Lane Closure / Use of Public Right-of-Way

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