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FAQs for Recycling

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Why should I recycle?

  • Recycling saves energy because the manufacturer doesn't have to produce something new from raw natural resources. By using recycled materials we save on energy consumption, which keeps production costs down. Recycling also reduces the need for more landfills.

Why can’t we recycle plastics 3-7?

  • Not all plastics are the same. Recycling is a market. We can only collect the items that we can sell. There is currently no market in our area for plastics other than #1 and #2.

Why does the curbside service cost money?

  • Our downtown recycling collection and our curbside service function very differently. We can sell the items brought to the Downtown Collection Center because they are already sorted. We only have to bale them and prepare them to be picked up from the buyer. The Curbside Recycling service is single stream which means you just throw everything into one container. We have to drive these items to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Kilgore to be sorted. Having these items sorted costs money so we only drop off the items for the MRF to handle and sell. We make no money off the items recycled through the curbside recycling service.

How much do I need to clean out recyclables?

  • A quick rinse is nice for many things, but don't worry about getting your containers sparkling clean. The main concern is actually the paper in your bin, which food and moisture can ruin.

How do I sign up for curbside recycling?

  • To sign up for curbside recycling please email the Solid Waste department at, or call us at 903-531-1388

What happens if we put in items we’re not supposed to?

  • Inappropriate items or dirty items may contaminate the recyclable materials rendering them unusable. A contaminated container will contaminate the entire truckload resulting in the whole load being handled as trash. The Materials Recovery Facility where we take our collected materials only allows for a 5 per cent contamination rate.

Do I have to be a Tyler resident to use the Recycling Center?

  • No, all citizens are welcomed to utilize the Recycling Center.

Do we have to remove the labels from bottles and cans?

  • No. We do ask that you rinse these items to keep odors and insect or pest infestations to a minimum.


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