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Traffic Operations has the responsibility to provide the safe and efficient movement of people and goods within the city limits by operating and maintaining existing traffic control devices to the highest standard with available resources.

The maintenance includes approximately 150 intersections with traffic signals, 70+ school zone lights, and installation and maintenance of various street signs within city limits including regulatory signs (speed limit, stop signs, yield, one way, wrong way, etc.) and street name signs.  

Responsibilities and Values of Traffic Operations

  • Manufacturing and maintaining City street signs
  • Maintaining traffic signals and school zone flashers within the City limits
  • Ensuring street lights are installed and maintained in a timely manner
  • Providing oversight of the public school crossing guard program

Mission Statement

"It is the mission of Traffic Operations to provide professional service to the community by safely maintaining traffic signals and signs, responding to emergency situations timely in accordance to Federal, State, and local laws and city policy."

Flashing Yellow Arrow

Flashing Yellow ArrowThe City of Tyler has implemented the use of flashing yellow arrows on some traffic signals in order to improve safety and reduce traffic delays.

Currently, a green arrow indicates that motorists have the right-of-way to turn left.  A flashing yellow arrow indicates that turning left is permitted after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.  A solid yellow arrow tells motorists that the signal is about to turn red.