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Water Distribution

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The primary function of the water distribution system is to safely transport potable drinking water through a network of pipes from the source (storage tanks or treatment plants) to the point of use. Included in the distribution system are the large diameter mains that transport untreated (raw) water from lake sources to the treatment plants. Fire protection is a secondary function of the water distribution system.

The water distribution system has approximately 690 miles of mains ranging in size from 2" in diameter to 48" in diameter. Static water pressure on the system ranges from 30 psi to 125 psi. At least 90% of the improved property within the City is 500 feet or less from an approved fire hydrant.

Water Service Center personnel operate and maintain all water mains, fire hydrants, meters, valves, pressure regulators, air valves and other system components in accordance with Federal, State and local rules and regulations while also keeping cost efficiency and productivity in mind. The principal efforts are directed towards prompt, effective service to the public and overall service excellence. In addition, the Water Service Center provides assistance and support to other City departments, as necessary. Actual construction may be performed by City personnel or by private contractors, as circumstances warrant.

Tyler Water Utilities has responsibility for maintenance of the water distribution system through the customer's meter. Water Service Center personnel will assist customers, when requested and at no charge, in determining causes and remedies of water problems on private property within reasonable limits.

Flushing Program

In addition to regular maintenance on the pipes, valves, hydrants and other components that make up the water distribution system, Tyler Water Utilities staff also performs regular flushing of the water distribution system in order to maintain water quality. Flushing the system cleans the water lines of sediment, clears out the water that has been sitting too long in the pipes due to infrequent use, and ensures adequate water pressure in the system.

Watch a brief, informative video on the City's flushing program

New Water Taps

Installation of water service connections (taps) from the main to a point outside the curb area or point of the meter set is performed only by Water Service Center personnel or a contractor approved by the Director of Utilities and Public Works. A fee is charged for each new tap to a water main for a connection. This fee is determined by the size of the connection and the size of the meter. If a branch is requested with the tap installation on a one-inch tap or larger, a branch fee is charged, which includes the tap fee plus the activation meter fee for each branch tap. Contact the Development Services Department at (903) 531-1171 to schedule a water tap and to pay the applicable fee(s).