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  • I saw that in Flint, Michigan there are problems with lead in the water and bacteria. Is that a problem here in Tyler?

    With regards to lead, the city of Tyler conducts testing on a regular schedule established by the TCEQ and the EPA. Based on the latest testing, the city of Tyler is below the level established by the EPA.

    With regards to your questions about bacteria, Tyler conducts in excess of 100 tests monthly on our water - in compliance with the TCEQ. Tyler is proud of the fact that we have not had to issue a system wide "boil water notice" in over 21 years. This demonstrates that we do not have any ongoing issues with bacteria in the treated water.

    Tyler conducts a broad range of test annually as prescribed by TCEQ and EPA. All test results are posted in the TCEQ Texas Drinking Water Watch web page. In addition, the annual Tyler Consumer Confidence Reports going back to 2010 are available on the City of Tyler web page.

  • I've noticed there has been a lot of new businesses popping up in South Tyler, but little in North Tyler. Will there be any business moving north of the loop?

    Generally speaking, the City does not tell businesses where to locate, beyond general zoning guidelines. However, in certain situations we may incentivize businesses in certain areas.

    For example, when Carrier was open, at certain points we offered them incentives to grow their business. We also offered incentives to companies like Distant Lands and Centene. These are businesses that provide hundreds of jobs in our community. Typically, we do not provide incentives to retail or restaurants because the theory is that they do not attract NEW money to Tyler, but rather just move the same money to different stores in Tyler. There are some exceptions to this - primarily if the new retail is so large that it might attract new shoppers to our City who might never have come otherwise.

    Also, there are things that we can do to make Tyler a place that businesses want to locate. One of these is keeping our tax rate low. Another is keeping our infrastructure (like parks, water and streets) nice. In North Tyler, we have done things like extend the water and sewer infrastructure to make it easier for development to occur. Typically, retail follows rooftops, so the more housing you have the more retail will come. Therefore, we have done a lot to grow the number of homes in North Tyler.

    Ultimately, businesses will choose to locate where they feel they will be most successful and government can't mandate they do otherwise. That is why when a store opens in your neighborhood, it is important to support it and encourage your neighbors to do so as well. If businesses don't succeed, other businesses will see this and choose to locate elsewhere.

  • How do I get more street lights in my neighborhood?

    Street lights are a partnership between the City and Oncor. There are standards for spacing that are used to determine where new lights might be needed. If you believe the standard has not been met, please contact our Streets Department using the online form or (903) 531-1393.

  • If I am unable to attend a City Council meeting, how can I view it?

    Tyler City Council meetings are broadcast on Suddenlink Cable Channel 3 at 2 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Council meetings are also available on YoutubeFacebook and our website.

  • How do I report a street light outage?

    Street lights are maintained by Oncor Electric. To report the outage to them, please visit